Music Links

There are now links to some great music resources on each class page.

RNSO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) music challenges - These are musical activities you can do at home with things you can find around the house – including your voice. There are 5 challenges and videos are led by members of the RSNO. They do a demonstration of each challenge and then explain how to do it.

Mini Music Makers - Practical music making activities with professional musicians.  You will also learn a little bit about the instruments they play.
Episode 1 Key Stage 1 Instrument – Piano. You will need a small container with a lid (butter tub/Tupperware type box), small items to put inside (rice/pasta/beads), paper and drawing things (pencils/crayons)
Episode 2 Key Stage 2 Instrument – French Horn. You will need Lego to build an instrument, (if you don’t have Lego you can use anything you have at home i.e. spoons on a pan, rice or pasta in a tub to make sounds.)
Episode 3 Key Stage 1 Instrument – Violin. You will need a piece of paper, pens or Crayons (blue/green/yellow/black)
Episode 4 Key Stage 2 Instrument – Tuba. You will need household objects to make different sounds (the sounds you need will be explained during the episode)
Episode 5 Key Stage 2 Instrument – Piano. You will need paper and drawing materials, noise makers (spoons on pans/homemade shakers)
Episode 6 Key Stage 2 Instrument – French Horn. You will need paper and pens, Keyboard App
Stomp Style Body Percussion

There will be more links/resources added next week. Enjoy!

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